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Personal Training

Our primary goal at Denver Health & Fitness is to help you reach your goals.  Regardless of what those goals may be (weight loss, performance, muscle building, etc) our desire is to see you succeed.  We have a highly credentialed Personal Training staff,  all of whom are nationally certified and insured.

Our plans are individualized and are based upon each client’s individual needs.  We don’t create blanket routines that every client runs through, nor do we treat every client in the same manner.  Each person is different, as are their goals and personal preferences in regards to exercise and diet.

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I have alleviated the majority of my back issues!

Being a 57-year-old woman who has never weight trained, I was a bit nervous that I would injure myself. Sarah was extremely thoughtful with her workouts but still able to challenge me week after week. Not only is my body much stronger and more flexible, [but] I have alleviated the majority of back issues that have plagued me for a very long time!

Karen M., Member
Personal Training Client for 6 months

Corrective/Post Rehab

After a serious accident I have been living in pain for years. Multiple surgeries and tons of PT. I began working with Susan a trainer that actually listened and designed a custom workout program for me. In just a short time I am already starting to feel relief making it easier for me to want to do more because I’m seeing and feeling results. If you’re living in pain you should definitely come talk with her. She actually listens instead of just handling you like another patient. Highly recommend. (My injuries are shoulder replacement, knee surgeries, L4 bulging disk, L5 degenerative disk, ankle reconstruction, to name a few) She’s awesome and so is everyone else that I have worked with.

Joe C.

Training Prepared Me to Play Collegiate Softball

Denver Health and Fitness has been my go-to spot for the past 3-4 years. As I’ve been for training with Brandon before I started my journey of playing collegiate softball at the D2 level…. I trained 3 times a week or more, I enjoyed the atmosphere that I was always in. Everyone constantly pumping each other up and just being so supportive. I have loved my experience at DHF, I look forward to going when I’m home on my breaks in college.

Annika G., Member
Personal Training Client

Our Training Specialties

One-on-One Fitness Training

Everyone has unique goals and there are many different ways to achieve them. When it comes to your health and fitness goals, working one-on-one with a personal trainer is always the fastest and safest way to successfully achieve those goals. Whether weight loss, enhanced performance, or just living better, it can all be achieved with a personal trainer and a training plan customized just for you. One-on-one training sessions are performed with a certified personal trainer, allowing for the ultimate in personalized direction and guidance to ensure proper form and technique with all exercises.

Children / Teens Training

 Trust DHF Certified personal trainers to work with your children or teens to develop an exercise routine that is personalized to meet their individual needs. We develop programs based on their developmental level and guide them through routines that they’re comfortable with.

Our personal trainers emphasize the importance of establishing the foundations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle at a young age. We understand that each body is different, which is why we work with children and teens to set attainable objectives in order to reach their own personal goals. Our certified personal trainers will demonstrate and oversee each exercise routine to emphasize proper form and safe exercise habits. Working with parents, we help children improve overall health, understand their bodies, and enhance a positive self-image.

Weight Management

DHF Personal trainers will work with clients impacted by overweight or obesity to long-term weight management success through diet and exercise to create sustainable and lasting behavior modifications the lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle. We help clients who struggle with weight management with a whole-person approach. A weight management training program explores all aspects of the individual and accountability to effectively train, motivate, support and educate clients on their weight loss journey.

Post Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise

Whether suffering from chronic pain or trying to recover from injury, working with a personal trainer in a post-rehabilitation or corrective exercise program can help restore functionality, mobility, and strength and help alleviate aches and pains. Corrective exercise programs combine the scientific principles of human physiology and biomechanics in an exercise program to remedy the cumulative results of stress or injury. A properly-designed post-rehab or corrective exercise training program can help the injured trying to recover, the elderly trying to alleviate the effects of aging, or the athlete trying to improve their performance.

Sport Performance

Our experienced personal trainers work with athletes to maximize their performance and potential, regardless of age, gender or skill level through superior training, education, and motivation. Our trainers can design a sports-specific program for athletes that focuses on improving the important attributes of overall performance, including strength, power, agility, speed, and dynamic stability.

Extreme Body Transformation

Denver Health & Fitness are entrusted trainers for the hit ABC TV Show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Addition.

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Excellent facility; meets every need, is clean and spacious, great hours and reasonable rates.

David J.

I am a new member and your facility has very nice equipment, the staff is friendly and most importantly during these times it is VERY clean.

Eric M.

State of the art facility that is always clean and well maintained inside and outside. Excellent and well trained instructors, friendly and professional staff, awesome and transparent owner, top of the line equipment, a variety of classes, great hours and it is obvious, DHF cares about their members.

Sharon M.

State of the art facility that is always clean and well maintained inside and outside. Excellent and well trained instructors, friendly and professional staff, awesome and transparent owner, top of the line equipment, a variety of classes, great hours and it is obvious, DHF cares about their members.

Jim A.

Very nice gym with nice equipment and great staff to make your experience the best even during Covid-19.

Amanda P.

Great environment, many different equipment choices, great all around workouts, clean.

Trey R.

Great overall gym with excellent equipment, plenty of room to spread out, and friendly staff.

Anthony L.

The facility is clean and all equipment is in great working order. Plus the staff is very personable and helpful.

Eric M.