Nutrition and Accountability Program

Denver Health and Fitness is proud to announce our Nutrition and Accountability Program! We are going to help you tackle the number one reason why people fail to meet their health and fitness goals.

Are You Feeling:

As if you are doing everything “right” and still not seeing results?

Frustrated, discouraged, overwhelmed and guilty?

That you are able lose weight, only to gain it back again?

Tired of diets dictating what you can and cannot eat?

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching at DHF will help you end this cycle.
With coaching, you will learn sustainable habits without feeling deprived of the foods you love!


Finally Stop DIETING

See the results you desire.

Trust what your body is telling you, rather than being told what it needs.

Not think about food, calories, restrictions, and depriving yourself.

Finally stop dieting.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching at DHF will help you end this cycle. With Coaching, you will learn sustainable habits without feeling deprived of the foods you love!


Collaboration with and coaching by a nationally certified nutrition coach
Your nutrition program is personalized and guided by YOU. What brought you here? What are your goals? What is keeping you from achieving them? What are your likes and dislikes? What has and has not worked for you in the past?

A sixty minute consultation and discovery session based on your responses to initial assessment questionnaire
Your first meeting with your coach is your chance to talk about all things YOU! You will have completed a comprehensive assessment on your goals, habits, nutrition and medical history, sleep, stress, support and so much more. Your coach will have reviewed this prior to your meeting, and based on this, you and your coach will begin to design your nutrition lifestyle plan. This is where the fun begins! You and your coach will decide on a first habit for you to work on~ this may be something around sleep, eating behaviors, stress, social support. This is the beginning of your journey to sustainable, healthy habits with food and long term weight loss!

Thirty minute weekly accountability session
These sessions provide not only accountability to keep you on track, but also the opportunity to express any concerns, ask any questions, and boast about your success the previous week! You and your coach will cover your triumphs, and also make any adjustments needed to keep you heading toward achieving your goal.

Adjustments and or homework as needed (new habit, macro suggestions, movement suggestions)
Each week, and through email communication, your coach will communicate with you on what you are doing well, what may need improvement and what may need added or changed. As you go through your three, six or twelve month program, every step is led by YOU, and adjustments made by your coach. Are you suddenly more stressed? Are you working or traveling more? Whatever life throws your way, your coach will help you stay on track so that you can adjust to those issues as well.

Unlimited email support
Throughout your program, in addition to your weekly accountability sessions, your coach is available to you daily through email. Have a question? Accomplish a habit and feeling proud? Want a suggestion on maintaining your habit? Email your coach any day, any time!

Open communication between you and your coach
Know that your coach respects your privacy,and is your partner in your nutrition journey. Your coach will listen without judgement and be honest in expectations and addressing concerns.


About our Nutrition and Accountability program