TRIBE Team Training

What Is TRIBE Team Training?

TRIBE is where group fitness meets Personal Training to create Small Group Training. This system is used all over the world, and Denver Health & Fitness newest offering for our members! TRIBE team training is designed to achieve greater success. No matter your goals or level of fitness, you will always belong to a Tribe.

With the same group of Tribe members, for a 8-week season, you will experience support, belonging and challenge in a dynamic and motivating environment. With the motivation and accountability, you get with your Tribe team, you will be challenged to work harder and exceed your expectations while others on your team do the same.

What Are The Benefits of TRIBE?

TRIBE is a global training system that is used all over the world. With TRIBE, you get:

  • Measured results for motivation and accountability
  • A group of like-minded people to work out with
  • A dedicated coach to inspire and challenge you
  • A sense of community and friendship

We offer four different TRIBE Class options.

TRIBE Class Descriptions

TRIBE Team Training offers small group personal training of up to 8 people. Members will be able to sign up for 8-week seasons, which will occur at various times and days throughout the week at DHF in the new Small Group Training Studio. Each team is led by a coach that stays with you the entire 8-week season. 


TRIBEFIT can be defined as a strength and endurance HIIT conditioning program designed for any committed individual, regardless of fitness or experience, making it the ideal fitness regime. TribeFIT™ will increase your strength and endurance, burn fat and calories and produce functional, full body fitness results leaving you looking and feeling amazingly fit!


TRIBELIFE is a low impact, functional training program that will help improve your strength, balance, stability, and cardiovascular health. Tribe Life follows a 8 week, progressive series of workouts that use unique equipment, dynamic and functional movement, as well as mobility sequences to get your body moving better than before!


TribeCore™ offers intelligent training that is designed to bring new levels of strength, support, and flexibility through your back, bum, belly, and shoulders. This will bring structural longevity and pain-free movement, a slimmer waistline, and firm and strong abs. 


TRIBEPUNCH is specifically designed to give you agility, strength, fitness and fighting skills creating a greater confidence within and a lean toned body out. TRIBEPUNCH guarantees to help you build power, endurance, and mental toughness ensuring fast measurable results. Your TRIBEPUNCH Coach will coach, motivate and challenge you to new levels of strength, fitness and fighting skills season after season. 



– Russ

– Carissa

– Marie

” I never would have imagined seeing these kind of results. My 1st season i struggled, a lot but thanks to the trainers support and encouragement I kept going.

What I like about Tribe is you are challenging yourself, the only person that you are up against is yourself. The trainers help correct your form if needed & they will give you that extra push to keep going when you feel like you want to quit. I will soon finish my 4th season and looking forward to the next one. “

Sarah H.


” I recently relocated to Denver NC and needed a gym. My husband and I luckily found Denver Health & Fitness. I was having a hard time getting motivated physically and mentally so I (reluctantly) joined the Tribe Core class as a way to get into shape, have accountability, and hopefully meet people. This was the BEST decision I have made since moving! Not only is the trainer (Susan C) INCREDIBLY knowledgeable, she has worked with me through physical limitations due to underlying health issues without hesitation! She never seems bothered or irritated with questions or concerns. Because if this, I have been able to grow stronger in so many ways! Through Tribe I AM becoming a better version of myself, breaking down barriers, crushing goals, learning about the community, and making incredible friends! TRIBE IS AMAZING!!!!! “

Sherri C.

” I walked into the gym for the first time in tears. I was in so much pain I could hardly move. Jeff, the owner spotted me right away and talked to me about how to get started. I met with Suzie, a personal trainer that does incredible work with clients who have medical injuries and specific needs. Today, only 8 weeks later after meeting with Suzie twice a week, I am walking into DHF confidently, without tears in my eyes, knowing I’m on an incredible path to recovery. I’ve been in pain for years and after trying everything, I finally am feeling better. I’m walking better, breathing better, eating better and in sooo much less pain. DHF, Jeff and Suzie have given my hope when I had all but given up. “


” Loved my season with my TribeFIT Tribe! Coach Mandy is amazing – motivating and fun – and helped make the whole experience exceptional. I was pushed into fitness by my own mill and and then pushed harder by my TribeMates! Will definitely be back THANK YOU! “



How is this different from the classes I normally take? TRIBE Team Training sessions are progressive, and each week you learn new skills and exercises, that carry you into the following weeks.

What if I have to miss a class? ? If you miss a class, reach out to your coach as soon as possible, so that they can help you find another session to hop into, so that you don’t miss that workout!

What if I have an injury? Can I participate? First and foremost, always consult your doctor. Second, please let your coach know! They need to know in order to be the best coach to you.

How long does it run for? TRIBE Team Training runs for 8 weeks each Season.

Why can’t I drop in? TRIBE Team Training workouts are progressive, so it is imperative that you participate in all of the workouts that are specifically designed for building endurance and strength.

How many sessions do I get per season? 16 Sessions

Do I need any special equipment? Nope! Just show up! However, gear that you are comfortable jumping, running, lunging, and getting up and down from the floor in, is best.


TEAM COMMITMENT: when you sign up for a team, you are committed to those specific days/times for  consecutive weeks.

SUBSEQUENT SEASON ENROLLMENT: current participants will be given first priority in signups for the following season.

PAYMENT: Tribe Team Training MUST be paid at the time of registration, your spot is NOT secured without payment.

CANCELLATION: You have up to 72 hours before your first session to cancel your registration (this ensures that your spot opens up for participants on the waiting list)

PRORATION: When joining after season start date, you will be prorated the cost for your remaining sessions in that season.

MISSED SESSIONS: We don’t want you to miss any of your sessions. Alert your Coach ASAP for any sessions you may miss, and they will work with you to get you into another session with another coach.


For more information on upcoming Tribe Seasons and to schedule your free Trial Class, get on our list for updates and more information!