Because your HEALTH is our #1 priority

AirPHX System Installed to Eliminate Coronavirus, Influenza, and 30+ Other Common Viruses and Bacteria

With great pleasure we are announcing that DHF has gone beyond normal measures and has installed the AirPHX system for the safety and health of everyone at DHF. This device kills the Coronavirus and many other viruses and germs, both in the air and on all surfaces.This machine uses reactive oxygen and gas-phase hydrogen peroxide to continuously sanitize the air, and every surface the air touches. This effectively reduces all air and surface pathogens, to hospital standards, throughout the entire club.

The health and welfare of our members is, and always has been, of paramount importance. That is why, even before the Coronavirus, DHF was taking strides in innovating new ways to lead the industry in club hygiene. All facilities have workout equipment. Denver Health & Fitness is proud to tell members that they have AirPHX technology protecting them during their workouts. We hope that along with the health and safety this brings our club, that it also brings you peace of mind during your next workout.

DHF Is Winning the War on Germs

Finally a quick, and easy solution to the incessant odors and bacterial incursion that are the bane of athletic spaces. A game changer, AirPHX® (pronounced air-fix) has been installed at DHF. AirPHX eliminates bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms and the odors they cause throughout the facility — in the air and on surfaces including: equipment, turf, rubber, foam, and tile. Bacteria, MRSA, C.DIFF, mold, Staph, athlete’s foot fungus, and norovirus — virtually eliminated in less than 60 minutes with the flip of a switch. In fact, testing of facilities before and after installation of AirPHX demonstrates reductions of airborne and surface germs >95%, even on hard to clean turf.

How does the AirPHX technology work?

AirPHX technology generates clean air using a small wall mounted device that plugs into an ordinary outlet. Once mounted and the timer is set, the unit runs quietly using very little electricity. A “cold plasma” reactor kills bad SURFACE and AIRBORNE organisms organically and continuously, eliminating these bad organisms and odors within the facility, even on hard to clean surfaces. One unit will treat up to 250,000 cubic feet, achieving better than hospital grade levels of cleanliness. And when the clean air circulates thru HVAC systems, AirPHX produces benefits throughout the entire building!

Effective treatment of the AirPHX unit:

    • All surfaces exposed to the air
    • Wrestling mats
    • Bands and Straps
    • Flooring, including Turf
    • Lifting bars
    • Fitness and Cardio Equipment
    •  Free Weights
    • All ambient air in the space

What does it eliminate?

    • Coronavirus (within 2 hours of contact)
    • Odors
    • Influenza (flu)
    • Norovirus
    • MRSA and Staph
    • Contagious skin infections
    • Athletes foot
    • Over 30 common Bacteria and Viruses and the odors they cause
      AirPHX is Chemical-Free and 100% Organic

As we navigate through the reopening of our club, there will be some new things to expect during each phase. All members must check-in at the front desk. Additionally, amenities and programming will vary based on governmental orders and guidelines. We appreciate your help and understanding as we work through this time together.

Standards and Cleanliness Policies at DHF

New Products And Procedures For Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sanitizing

As a reminder, we deep cleaned and sanitize every part of the gyms from equipment, locker rooms, all surfaces, door handles, floors, and everything in between on a regular basis. Our employees work hard to keep the gym a safe and clean environment for you.

  • We have ordered new touch-less hand sanitizing dispensers and Increased the number of hand sanitizers units throughout the gym.
  • Ordered Wash Guard, a new hand sanitizer foam that will give you up to 4 hours of protection. Located at the main entrance.
  • Added more gym wipe canisters (anti-bacterial/virus wipes) and made them available everywhere.
  • Ordered and installed the AirPHX system, this item is doing the heavy lifting throughout the club. Killing and sanitizing 24/7. This machine uses reactive oxygen and gas-phase hydrogen peroxide to continuously sanitize the air, and every surface the air touches. This effectively reduces all air and surface pathogens, to hospital standards throughout the entire club.
  • Wash Guard Electrostatic Surface Cleaner which kills 99% of germs for up to 28 days. We will spray on all gym equipment and facility surfaces on a regular schedule.
  • Ordered Victory electrostatic sanitizer unit. This is the best delivery system to deliver the Wash Guard Electrostatic Surface Cleaner. Will help ensure all equipment touch points have been treated and sanitized
  • Added Nanoseptic self-cleaning products to various touchpoints throughout our facilities. Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction. Working 24/7, the surface continually oxidizes organic contaminants. Unlike traditional disinfectants and cleaners, the NanoSeptic surface uses no poisons, heavy metals, or chemicals, and nothing is released from the surface since the nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the material.

Employee Protective Measures

  • Receive training prior to coming back to work on new procedures & protocols  
  • Supply masks, gloves, and temperature checks
  • Added hand sanitizer near employee workspaces
  • Requiring staff to stay home if ill or have traveled to high-risk areas or if household members travel
  • The employee will be required to disinfect their workspace at the beginning of their shift and clean their workspace every hour
  • Employees will not be permitted to congregate in break-rooms and must follow the six feet social distancing requirements
  • Removing non-essential tasks from the front desk to other areas of the club to allow for proper spacing
  • Employee hygiene expectations communicated

Cleaning Protocols

We continue to follow stringent sanitation protocols for proper disinfection, operation and maintenance, as well as adding additional procedures to achieve a new level of cleanliness.  

Deep Cleans
Continuous scheduled disinfection of high-touch surfaces throughout the club
Club hours adjusted to allow for overnight deep cleaning

Enhanced Procedures
Utilizing EPA-registered disinfectant that kills the coronavirus in under 60 seconds
Team members training on cleaning protocols and provided with disinfecting kits

Self-Cleaning Stations
Easy, readily available equipment disinfectant spray
Hand sanitization conveniently located throughout the club


Safety Measures at the Club

Locker Rooms

The locker room will be a focal area for our intensive cleaning efforts.

  • Gym wipes available to use on surface areas by members
  • Frequent sanitization of shared surfaces using EPA-registered, virus-killing disinfectants
  • Please practice social distancing
  • We ask all members and staff to please wash hands after use of the facilities

Fitness Floor

In addition to already intensive cleaning efforts, several protocol additions are being made for further sanitation. Measures are also being taken to help practice social distancing. 

  • Equipment has been spaced where possible for social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols with EPA-registered, virus-killing disinfectants
  • Several cleaning stations consisting of gym wipes, throughout the space to help encourage cleaning of equipment before and after use

Group Fitness

Classes will be offered and class capacity will be consistent with governmental orders and guidelines.

  • Classes will be spaced 30 minutes apart to allow for instructors to sanitize equipment with an EPA-registered, virus-killing disinfectant
  • Several cleaning stations consisting of gym wipes, throughout the space to help encourage cleaning of equipment before and after use
  • More information on how to make class reservations coming soon

Kid's Club

  • Enhanced measures will be taken consistent with CDC guidelines, cleaning practices and social distancing. As with all Kids offerings, space is limited and a reservation is required for all ages and offerings.
  • In addition to our standard protocols, we’re implementing enhanced cleaning protocols, including: full disinfection of the space overnight using EPA-registered, virus-killing disinfectants
  • We will practice social distancing during check-in/checkout and within the Kids area
  • Leveraging other areas of the club (like the gym) to help with social distancing
  • Team members’ temperatures taken prior to each shift
  • Removing toys that aren’t easy to clean
  • Modifying hours and class schedules to practice social distancing and allow for additional cleaning
  • More detailed information on how to make reservations and FAQs coming soon

Smoothie Cafe

Food safety and sanitation have always been a high priority. During these times, we’ve implemented even stricter guidelines.

  • Continuous scheduled disinfecting of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes
  • Gloves are required for all team members for all transactions
  • Social distancing guidance if a line forms
  • Designated order pickup zone for each order
  • Pre Ordering to eliminate congestion and maintain social distancing


Personal Training

We work to provide our members and team members the best experience possible. This includes sanitizing and disinfecting all touch points throughout training areas.

  • With an EPA-registered, virus-killing disinfectants, team members will clean and wipe down each piece of equipment before and after each use
  • To protect members and team members, we will practice social distancing of 6 feet during 1:1 sessions, eliminate any physical contact and masks will be encouraged or required
  • When available, training may be done outdoors or in other areas in the club to help encourage social distancing
  • Several cleaning stations consisting of gym wipes, throughout the space to help encourage cleaning of equipment before and after use


Racquetball and Courts

Racquetball courts use will be permitted once we are able to open as well the use of the basketball hoop.

  • Please practice social distancing as to the best of your ability.
  • Cleaning stations, of disinfectant spray and wipes, to help encourage cleaning of equipment before and after use