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Denver Health & Fitness Partners with AirPHX
April 8, 2020
Health club partners with the leading technology company to combat viruses and bacteria.


DENVER, NC, April 8 — Health club, Denver Health & Fitness, has partnered with AirPHX Sports, the leading technology company combating viruses and bacteria, to provide their gym facility a gym experience that sets themselves apart from their competition. AirPHX and Denver Health & Fitness have been together for 2.5 years and have installed the latest technology in destroying viruses and bacteria up to 95% in the air and on all surfaces. This is the same technology being deployed in many hospitals.

This device kills the Coronavirus and many other viruses and germs, both in the air and on all surfaces.

“This is a major investment for the members and employees of Denver Health & Fitness. Jeff Pettit has done his due diligence to make sure he provides the healthiest environment possible for his members and community, without the use of harsh chemicals or sprays. There is no question, based on testing results, that Denver Health & Fitness is one of the cleanest clubs in NC, but also the Eastern seaboard.”, says Chris Mattice AirPHX Companies.

Denver Health & Fitness wants to thank the valued members and all staff that continue to support this faculty. We look forward to reopening the doors to DHF with a newer, cleaner and safer environment for everyone. 

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About AirPHX

AirPHX is a private company offering continuous, scalable, fully organic surface and air sanitization solutions without chemicals or UV radiation.  Installations include U.S. hospitals, other medical and healthcare facilities, U.S. government facilities, public buildings and schools.