New Matrix IC7 Cycle Bikes


Make sure you try them out in a Cycle class soon!

The IC7 is the most advanced indoor cycle ever designed. Its pioneering design and functionality are due largely to Indoor Cycling’s innovative two-stage drivetrain. Freed of the large center pulley characteristic of traditional bike design, the IC7 brings a lower, sleeker profile to the studio or cardio floor. The improvements, though, are not limited to aesthetics. The two-stage drivetrain also enables the market’s most accurate (+/-1%) direct WattRate® (power) meter, 100-level precision magnetic resistance, 1:11 ratio high-speed flywheel, and an unrivalled connection to the ride thanks to the tactile and responsive hybrid Poly-V and tooth belt technology. The bike’s performance metrics are delivered to the rider via the patent-pending Coach By Color® training console – a fully self-powered console that vividly displays the user‘s WattRate or heart rate to them and their coach in five colored zones. Designing a bike that improves an athlete’s performance while capturing an artistry to communicate with the fitness user is our greatest achievement. Indeed, the IC7 makes fitness more colorful, powerful and original. 
The IC7 Indoor Cycle and its Coach By Color® power program brings optimal performance and opportunity to group exercise, team coaching, personal training and even individual use. World-class technology and member-centric coaching will make your program more colorful, more powerful and definitely more original. That means better experiences and better results for your customers to keep them coming back.


The IC7’s Coach By Color® training console uses one of the world’s most simple, universal and powerful forms of communication to maximize instruction, motivation and reward during your members’ workouts. The console’s display lights up in one of five colored zones that matches the user’s WattRate® (power) reading or heart rate output so you know immediately whether you need to ratchet up or dial back your effort. Plus, the integrated front LED display on each console tells instructors when certain students are working too hard or not hard enough.


The IC7’s WattRate® (power) meter provides you with immediate and precise feedback on the direct effort you’re putting in, to ensure you have absolute control of the results. Power-based training with WattRate® – the market‘s most accurate power meter – provides the ultimate way for you to see results and reach goals faster.


The IC7’s advanced ergonomics, superior biomechanics and precision engineering provide your members with maximum comfort and performance by being fully and correctly connected to the bike and their body. It’s when users are connected to their workouts that we witness more positive psychological and physiological experiences, which promotes faster results and happier members. 

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