Group Fitness - Find where you belong

Group Fitness is so much more than loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement. Aside from the obvious physical benefits Group Fitness classes gives you motivation, accountability, variety, social opportunities, and fun.  When people first join a gym, some are unsure what they should do once they step inside the building. Whether you’re a beginner at the gym or you just don’t have much fitness knowledge, group fitness classes may be your solution. Joining a class can help build a foundation and structure that you can use to fuel your personal health journey for years to come.


It’s inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals. It doesn’t get much more empowering than a class with an encouraging instructor and supportive people all working hard together. Participating in a group exercise class challenges you to work out beyond your perceived limitations.


A group exercise setting helps keep you accountable to attend the class. When the instructor and other participants ask why you were absent, they generally are concerned for your well-being, and you will not want to have an “I sat on the couch” answer.


Having a variety of classes in your weekly workout regimen is a great way to create muscle confusion, which keeps your body guessing and ramps up your metabolism. It also helps prevent boredom. At Denver Health and Fitness we offer classes such as Barre, Zumba, Cycle, PiYo, Kickboxing, and Boot Camp.  We also offer classes for seniors and kids too.  There are over approximately 20 different styles of classes being offered at DHF!


There’s really no other way to put it: Group fitness classes are fun! Between the upbeat music, a great workout and a group of people motivating each other along the way, it’s an enjoyable way to exercise. The energy of many makes exercise fun, motivational, and inspirational.

Social Opportunities

Fitness classes are a wonderful place to meet people who have similar lifestyle goals and needs. Many of our members have met in class and become friends.  They often participate in charitable events together and hang out socially after meeting in our classes.

Try a group fitness class and you will understand the why people often refer to their gym friends as their gym family! You will love being part of our tribe!